The Family in the Digital Age (I)

Digital technology is, undoubtedly, part of the contemporary human’s life. It has not only trickled into our professional activities, but it has also invaded our family, our relationships, and our own true soul. The „digital natives” generation is born and rises alongside it. For these youngsters, technology is not an instrument, but a confidant and a friend. However, the effects it implies due to abusive usage are unfortunately affecting, in particular, younger ages than ever before. In the first part of the study, the author emphasizes the impact of the technological devices on the process of diminishing the quality of connection between spouses, on one hand, and between parents and their children, on the other. Numerous statistics regarding the amount of time spent in front of the PC, laptop or smartphone are presented, this period of time adding up to roughly 11 years of life. The outlook is one of morality. Without dispraising technology, the author advices his readers on approaching a more purposeful manner of digital usage, thus promoting the cultivation of attitudes and activities which lead to a better understanding of the importance of empathy, compassion and emotional resilience. In support of his ideas come the examples of quality time spend with own family, creating meaningful connections with other people and spending time finding oneself in nature.