The Familial vocation of the human being

In this study the author, using sociological, psychological, theological and medical sources which indicate a crisis of the contemporary family, tries to describe some of psychological and theological mechanisms which are the main factors in establishing a relationship. It is shown that the man and the woman are complementary souls and that human beings, in their very own structure, have a complementary vocation, feeling the need for dialogue and communicationwith a confidant soul with whom they may share their joys and disillusions, hoping that near such soul the joy will increase and deepen and the sorrows will be diminished and relieved. In this study the mutual needs are presented: those of the woman from the man’s part and those of the man from the woman’s part, pointing out that prayers are the binders of pure and high love as well as that love in itself and friendship have to become acts of high spirituality and profound religiosity.