The education in the thinking and work of Moldova Metropolitans Jacob of Putna, Jacob Stamati and Benjamin Costachi

13 April 2017

Our Church has always been focused on the education of its spiritual sons and daughters, irrespective of their age. This essential work has been revealed in many forms: preaching, confessing, building schools, writing and printing textbooks for students or books for general teaching, etc. The Metropolitan Iacob Putneanul, Iacob Stamati and Veniamin Costachi are only those few among many hierarchs of our Church who consistently and systematically focused on this work; hence, the name given in their hounor by their contemporaries or descendants (“The Romanians’ Pestalozzi” or “The Enlightener of Moldova”). Beyond this thorough and fundamental education provided by means of the pulpit or the confession chair, they were the founders of numerous and various schools, they wrote and published the first textbooks, they made sustained effort in introducing or reintroducing the Romanian language in schools and Church, as well as printing countless religious books, teachings, many of which had important prefaces underlining the benefits of education, emphasizing the final human destination – “rejoicing into God”.