The contemporary catechetics: the role of choosing within the epistemological stance

The contemporary catechetics require a definite analysis of its situation and of the perspectives which determines its functioning. The intended paper demonstrates the necessity of underlying it on the culture of dialogue, to which all of us are called, clergy, monks or laity, as being the responsible ones for the evolution of the Church within the contemporary society. The ideal exchange of the catechetical ideas is realised both by accepting the critics on this attitude of the Church with regard to the challenges of the contemporary society and by giving different shapes to this attitude without giving up to the basic ecclesiological principles. Acquiring competences in any field of activity has become a necessity which cannot be denied anymore and the orthodox catechetics itself cannot afford this reality. The development of a multitude of frames, which forces reaching the conventionality, is a process which implies the refinement and the specialization for all the fields. The catechetical answer which the Church  should prepare cannot be at random, but an answer adjusted to the contemporary spiritual realities. If within the laic area the professionalization must be acquired in order to assure a higher visibility and an appropriate viability for the competitors on the job market, with regard to the catechetical approach, the only appropriate professionalization is represented by the patristic reconsideration of the religious discourse.