Conferenţiarii clerici invitaţi de Nicolae Iorga la Vălenii de Munte

24 February 2014

The scholar Nicolae Iorga (1871-1940) was one of the most important promoters of continued education for adults in Romania. He took a personal interest in encouraging educational activities, and his most important achievement in the area of adult education programs was the Summer University he founded in 1908 at Valenii de Munte. Taking advantage of relocating on a permanent basis in this small market town, he organized an adult education center where educational, vocational and cultural activities have flourished. Visiting professors from different professional backgrounds, including ecclesiastical leaders and priests, provided free tuition to the students who attended the courses by ignoring the temporary division of territories largely populated by Romanians (Bessarabia, Bukowina, Transylvania and Banat), thus contributing to a better understanding of all those living in the inter-war Greater Romania. The study offers details on the lecturers with religious background.