The Benefits of the Virtues of Love, Charity, Justice, Diligence, Prayer, Lent and Revival in the Christian life

Each virtue has a number of benefits for the Christians who acquire them. The virtue of love is at the center of the Christian virtues, since through this virtue believers can get closer to God, Who loves them very much. The Holy Apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Romans said: God shows His love for us in that, for us, Christ died while we were still sinners (Rm 5, 8). Therefore, it is fitting that the faithful respond to God's love with love. In addition to the virtue of love, believers must be merciful to support those in trouble, as God also showed mercy to the entire human race. He still needs to acquire the virtues of justice and diligence, so that he can respect God's commandments and increase in good things. In order to be helped by God in what they desire, believers must also increase in the virtue of prayer. In addition to prayers of supplication, it is proper to offer to God prayers of thanksgiving and praise for all the things God has done for them. The virtue of sobriety brings into the life of the faithful a state of vigilance, through which they are attentive to all things that could lead them to bodily and spiritual passions. The benefits of the virtues of love, charity, justice, diligence, prayer, fasting, sobriety can also be discovered by studying the Holy Scripture and from the lives of the holy fathers of the Church, who reached a very high level of spirituality, by practicing virtues.