Aspects of sacred text religiosity by the Saints Metropolitans Dosoftei and Varlaam

The work of Holy Metropolitan Dosoftei is one of the most successful transpositions of biblical verse from Psalms and of the history of the Romanian people, using the most varied and inventive lexical colors, from archaisms to elements of the popular living language, giving us an everlasting literal images. Of particula interest are the writings that develop the evangelical texts, explaining and doing a hermeneutic work. In the seventeenth century and in the first half of the eighteenth century is born the first Romanian storyteller, as the Metropolitan Varlaam it was called, and it was created one of the most important moments in religious poetry by the Psalms of Metropolitan Dosoftei. Through this study we try to show, by examples, if their writing is religious or not, and if is different from the current text, and what this difference mean. Finally, we try to show what for a value have these works in the context of contemporary literature and for posterity.