1882 - year of the first issue of „Candela”- Metropolitan of Bukovina

The history of the religious-literary journal „Candela" begins in 1882, when the worthy of remembrance Silvestru Morariu Andrievici was Archbishop of Cernăuţi and Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmaţia (1880-1895). „Candela" was the official church journal of the Metropolitan of Bukovina reaching every village, city, parochial and city library and Institution. On the 8th (20th) of April 1882, the Metropolitan Sil­vestru Morariu Andrievici issued The Circular and The Regulations for the religious- literary Journal of Cernăuţi. He sent the two documents, on the 17th (29th) of April 1882 (entrance number 30) for publication in Foaia Ordinăciunilor a Consistoriului arhiepiscopal în afacerile Arhidiecezei ortodoxe orientale a Bucovinei, no. 4, year 1882. As an official bulletin of The Orthodox Church in Bukovina, „Candela" was to give prestige to the diocese and identity to the Church and the romainians in Bukovina.