Duhovnicul - chip desăvârșit al iubirii și al dăruirii. Învățăturile și modelul părintelui Sofian Boghiu

13 Ianuarie 2020

Romanian Orthodoxy was blessed throughout its history with the presence and work of ʺheavenly menʺ and ʺearth angelsʺ who, through their example provided by their lives and holiness, turned Romania into a blessed spiritual land. Such an example and model of gentleness and kindness, love and forgiveness was considered to be Father Archimandrite Sofian Boghiu, the abbot of the Antim Monastery for nearly 50 years, who was called ʺthe Apostle of Bucharestʺ. The present study, entitled ʺThe Spiritual Father, Icon of Love and Giving. The Teachings and the Model of Father Sofian Boghiuʺ, describes Father Sofianʹs profound teaching about sin and passions, the Holy Sacrament of Confession, the intellectual and spiritual qualities of the authentic confessor, his place and role in Christian life.