Considerații privind relația dintre Biserica Ortodoxă Română și statul român. De la sinergia bizantină la criza comunistă

7 Februarie 2020

The relationship between the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Romanian State is a very challenging and interesting study topic from the perspective of a historian and a theologian. The special relationship of the two institutions can be observed from the beginning of their organization. The Romanian nation is deeply religious. And the dynamics of communication between the two entities are in the form of a Byzantine symphony. The church is the one fighting for the salvation of the Romanian people, for the preservation of the national identity and its elevation through culture. And the State protects the Church as a guardian and promoter of national, spiritual and cultural identity. The communist regime generates a state of alienation between the Church and the State. The result of this unnatural state is for the State to deny its own identity and values. And for the Church, the struggle to save the believers and its own institution.