The Christian Orthodox Church Fasting: Nutrition and Health

The Christian Orthodox Church fasting is very important and necessary in the lives of believers, because except that it is a divine command it is also an expression of austerity and unnecessary avoidance, which generally characterizes spiritual life but it is also a conscious act of abstaining from specific foods and an exercising of the temperance. The present study aimed to investigate whether adherence to Christian Orthodox Church fasting affects in health of human. The Christian Orthodox Church fasting diet involves an eating pattern according to which fasting individuals decide to go extended and short-time periods of abstinence from animal-based energy-rich products, with intervening periods of normal food intake. These fasting periods are repeated with the same sequence every year, and when added, they cover half a calendar year (178 ± 19 days). The periodic abstinence from dairy and, in general, animal products does not seem to harm the health of the people, not only the adults but also and the children. The Christian Orthodox Church fasting diet has an independent positive effect on cognition and emotional wellbeing in middle aged and elderly individuals.