Christian cult and liturgical books after the Edict of Liberty (313)

This research highlights the hymnographic work from the Orthodox service books, source of Sacred Tradition, of inestimable value, made up of hymnographs Christians of the first Christian centuries. It is indicated the emergence and evolution of pre-Christian cult of Christians before being granted freedom by the Holy Emperor Constantine the Great by the Edict of Milan in 313, and the flourishing and development of the cult thereafter, all external forms of expression of the Christian faith (architecture, painting, sculpture, religious music, hymnographies, services, ritual books, religious fabrics etc.). The study highlights the importance and value of Christian cult ritual books and culture in general; poetic Byzantine literature is truly one original and creative direction of the religious and epic poetry. Church hymns, fully used in public Orthodox activities, are the expression of the doctrine of faith or dogma exposed in the form of poetry to be sung during religious services.