Cei doi ierarhi moldoveni cu numele „Ioan de Râșca”

10 Septembrie 2012

Based on a sound historical argumentation, this article aims
to differentiate, , the life and work of two persons historically known
as “John from Râșca”. The first, Bishop John of Hu[i (1598-1605)
and Rădăuți (1605-1608), it wasn’t named “John from Râșca” but
this name has been assigned to him by Narcis Crețulescu, in 1901.
The second, who had methane to Râșca Monastery (1618-1634), was
bishop of Huși (1667-1674) and Archbishop of Roman (1674-1685).
Due to the fact that the last one was contemporary, suffragan and
friend of Metropolitan Dosoftei, we consider that he is the true
“John from Râșca, the holy and wonderful Archbishop”.