Antropologia ortodoxă și provocările postmodernității. O receptare teologico-critică a modelului comunitarist și multicultural al filosofului Charles Taylor

19 Septembrie 2017

History has always challenged the human person. The current challenge is that of globalism. The man cannot ignore any longer the existence of the other. One finds this „other” in increasingly diverse communitarian and social structures. In an attempt to answer these realities in a substantial manner, C. Taylor’s communitarianism and multiculturalism pursue the fundamental balance between individual and communitarian, individual justice and social equity, difference and equality, freedom and responsibility. In order to set out a political and social framework to respond to these actualities a good number of Christian theological principles are employed. The present paper examines, consequently, this model, aiming to offer an Orthodox Christian theological answer to this modern socio-political proposition. Compelled to live in accordance to one social model or another, constrained to be a member of a communitarian society or not, expected to live in a cultural and religious mosaic or another, man must rediscover the inner spiritual balance by means of a personal and living relationship with God, and by doing so to perfect and surpass any social and political model that is meant to determine and shape his historical existence. Man must find again that he is a person on his way to the Heavens, with a vocation to making the whole world a Church.