Actualitatea Sfinților Simeon Noul Teolog, Grigorie Palama și Paisie de la Neamț în viața monahilor

In the life of our Church, God gifts us, at a time well known by Him, great spiritual Fathers who become landmarks of ascetical, dogmatic and liturgical consciousness. Some stand out for their depth of theological thought, others for their ability to guide Christian communities, lay or monastic, and others for their mystical experience of prayer. Nevertheless, all are guided and penetrated by the same Holy Spirit, who makes Christ present in their hearts. Through them, God guides us through the ages to the discovery of the mystery of eternal life, which will take place at the end of time. Among these great Fathers and Saints, we have Saints Symeon the New Theologian, Gregory Palamas and Paisius Velichkovsky, to whom the year of commemoration 2022 has been dedicated. We can learn many things from their lives and writings. The present communication wishes to point out just a few of these aspects in which the three saints show themselves to be ever relevant, like every saint in the Church. Because holiness is always present in the Church and this translates a living interpersonal relationship, occasioned and realized by God's grace.