What is Orthodoxy?

Many times in life we become so familiar with certain things that we lose our perspective as to their importance to us.  They become like words we use correctly at times but do not really know their exact meaning without a dictionary.  One of these things that we come to take for granted should never be our Holy Orthodox Faith and practice.  In many places I have visited in Romania I find that Protestantism and, even worse, pseudo-Christian cults (such as Jehovah’s Witnesses) have come to woo Orthodox people away from the Holy Faith and into their sincere but misguided understanding of Christianity. Orthodox Christians need to know what they believe and practice, and why they do so, in order that they can not only withstand those who would proselytize them, but to also be able to witness to the truth of the Faith into which they were Baptized.  This understanding must be on both an historical and practical level so as to fully encompass the truth of the Faith once delivered (Jude 1, 3).