The theology of existence at Vladimir Solovyov, Pavel Florenski and Sergei Bulgakov

Vladimir Soloviov, Pavel Florenski and Serghei Bulgakov are through their ideas an important step in the direction of a theology of dialogue. They cross over through the old conceptions of the previous period and, starting with them, the Russian Ortho- doxy receive more consistence in the process of his affirmation. Each of them has a per­sonal and specific note, very important in the problematic of the Christian existence (or anthropology). Therefore, whether Soloviov try to justify the divine sense of created existence, Florenski is more preoccupated by the relationship between reason and believe. On the other hand, Bulgakov offers a very good explanation regarding the love between God and the created world in the context of kenotic theology. In our study, we try to discover the most important coordinates between this tree Russian theologians. Is also in our preoccupation to analyse the specific of Russian theology in the issue of existence and to see the links between the old philosophical preoccupation and the new way of religious thinking.