The theological problem of the soul. Genesis, phenomenology, ethos and perenniality

The present article deals with the theological problem of the soul: genesis, phenomenology, ethos and perenniality, in an interdisciplinary approach. According to the Christian teaching, the body and the soul are not antagonistic entities, but perfectly compatible realities that make up man as an entirety, created in God's image, with a view to acquiring His likeness. A brief theological definition of the soul shows that it has been created by God, as a reality or essence of life that leads the body and has the faculty of being untouchable and impossible to encompass materially (quantitatively), being endowed with reason, self conscience and free will, via which the organic body is perceived. The soul is: immortal by the divine grace, immaterial, unique and unified indelibly and unrepeatably, offering spirituality by its faculties and guiding the human nature towards spirituality.