The Specificity of Orthodox Mariology reflected in the Sacrament of Holy Unction. A Biblical, Liturgical and Patristic Argumentation

9 July 2013

Listening without ceasing our prayers, the Mother of God always comes to us as quick helping, „door of compassion”, „through which the world is shown full of mercy”. More than any other Holy Mystery, the Mystery of Holy Unction is the Mystery of consolation for all the sad, for them the Mother of God remained, with her quality of mediator to Christ, „alone art a speedy Intercessor”. Therefore she is invoked as „fervent Intercession”, „impregnable Wall”, „Fountain of Mercy”, „Refuge of the world”. She has received from Christ the Lord the power to unravel, by „the consolation of prayers”, the suffering of the sick people. The Mother of God has the power to make forgiving „the One God, who with his mercy and compassion heals all the passions of souls and the crushing of bodies”, making us partakers of „unfathomable Abyss of Goodness”.