Romanian Pious and Witnesses — examples of patience and prayer for the sufferers

Romanian confessors and martyrs who endured the torments of the communist prisons, due to invented faults or just because they were priests, Christian intellectuals or simply devoted believers of the Church, have underlined almost all in the same key, that the only support, strength and comfort to them in those times of torment and horror was the Jesus prayer. They all felt attracted by the tranquillity, joy, peace and comfort that this prayer offered. This is what the monks in our monasteries have taught and preached. In that world of incarceration, the prayer of the mind meant an escape, a recapture of spiritual balance, a refreshing of the soul which helped him beat fear, angst, loneliness, all the lacks and persecutions. This prayer has always situated them in the presence of God, no matter the harsh circumstances they went through. They felt that they were not alone and that Someone made them stronger. Many of them got to the highest peaks of this prayer. Just because they were willing to learn the lesson of prayer could they overcome those dreadful situations.