The mission of the Church in the Romanian diaspora abroad started centuries ago at a micro level and has intensified at present, becoming a topic of general concern for theologians and clerics. Taking to account the extension of the missionary work of the local Churches in the diaspora, it will be noticed that it intensified in the last 25-30 years due, first of all, to the migration of the faithful from their native country to the western countries. The migration of Romanians, which was low during the 18th and 19th centuries, more intense in the 20th century and notably high at the beginning of 21st century, prompted the Romanian Orthodox Church to follow its children to the places they live and work, thus creating, in a short time, many parishes. These parishes, seen as missionary cells of the Church, have contributed over the years to the formation of wider administrative-ecclesiastical structures, such as the Episcopacy or the Metropolitanate. This motherly and spiritual care towards the members of the Body of the Christ makes the diaspora become a missionary land of true importance for the whole Orthodox Church.