The Revelation in the thought of Richard Swinburne

According to Richard Swinburne revelation is available due to God became incarnate and in some degree made manifest on Earth and through that incarnate life various propositional truths were announced. The propositional truths are concerned with informations about what kind of life someone ought to live in order to achieve moral progression. Such views of revelation is closely connected with salvation: it provides its recepients with guidance how to live their life on Earth. Secondly, he points that any revelation of atonement must have enough connection with the century and culture in which it took place for the report of it to be comprehensable. However the main problem in his dealing with revelation is not connecting with revelatory experience esspecialy with the event and with eschatological meaning of revelation (apocalypsis, uncovering) as Jean-Luc Marion pointed out. Nevertheless Swinburne is stimulative in prolonging theological, cultural and historical aproach to Revelation.