Is Religious Education only the Task of Religion Discipline or it has to become an Objective to other Disciplines?

11 September 2012

The author of this theological research, Conf. Dr. Carmen Maria
Bolocan analyses the role of the study of religion into the schools
for the formation of the pupils. Showing the great content of morality,
goodness, spiritual growth, education and models, the author
concludes that all the disciplines should cooperate with the
religious studies in order to form a child as a fully mature human
being, with a solid culture and behavior. In addition, the author
presents the necessity of religious studies in the Romanian education,
the goals of the religious education and the inter-disciplinarity
as an important aspect of the religious formation of the students.
As pragmatic examples, the author states the necessary relationships
between religious studies and literature, music, history, biology,
geography, and even mathematics and physics.