Prodromita – An Orthodox Testimony in the Romanian History

The meaning of our fulfillment in history is presented from the perspective of our fulfillment as part of cosmic, universal Church. The promoting of the Romanian values, which is encouraged by ones, but challenged by others, in the 18th century, proved to be acceptable to God, this being seen from the fact that He gave us a non-handmade icon, called Prodromita, fundamental milestone on the road to our fulfillment. Prodromita was given first of all to those who are striving in the promoting of the Romanian values. Unfortunately, Prodromita is less presented and therefore less known, fact that has negative consequences regarding the fulfillment and the contentment of the Romanian people. Prodromita does not isolate us by other nations, because the Good Lord gave to each nation nonhandmade icons, according to its specificity, but all of them having something in common: the brightness of the Holy Spirit that is One and that unites us.