The Orthodox Eschatology based on the Belief in Resurrection and the Spectrum of Death in Contemporary Mentality

11 September 2012

The resurrection of the bodies is a concrete statement and an
essential promise of divine revelation and the eschatology cannot
be separated from the cosmology, because it defines the ultimate
goal of human hope. If we believe that after its dissolution this body
will be someday reconstituted in a “biological” working and that
its resurrection is possible, this means that we accept this dogma
with all its consequences in terms of the universe and matter. This
is not contrary to contemporary scientific research; on the contrary,
in many ways it is consistent with them.
As the foundation of Christian faith, the Resurrection of Christ
reveals the full value of human life which shifts to eternal life, giving
to the man the belief that the death has not the last word, but
the life and the happiness with Christ. To the man – personal being,
rational and free – it is ready eternal life through the resurrection,
that must he anticipate since his biological life. Here’s why, as long
as he lives in the earthly world, the man has the maximum responsibility
to harness the gift of the freedom in order to perpetrate
the good willed by God, thus preparing himself for the eternal
joyful life.