The Mitropolitan Iustin Moisescu — mentor and supporter of the clergy and believers from Botosani city

7 February 2020

Iustin Moisescu became Metropolitan of Moldova and Suceava (1957-1977) in a time of communist dictatorship, full of restrictions and pressures on the life of the Church. With constant patience and practical wisdom, this distinguished Romanian hierarch succeeded in preserving and promoting the Christian faith and the Romanian culture in Moldova. Intellectually endowed with a surprising practical spirit, the scholar hierarch made great efforts to build, renovate and  embellish numerous monasteries, churches, chapels and parochial houses in the county of Botoșani. With much patience and courage for those times, he managed to obtain numerous funds, which he wisely distributed where there was an urgent need. A special preoccupation of Metropolitan Iustin Moisescu was the renovation and the preservation of churches recognized as historical monuments and wooden ones in these regions blessed by God. With his innate propensity for helping, he took care of the spiritual and material condition of  believers in the county of Botoșani. He was supported by hard-working priests and faithful believers, worthy descendants of their ancestors, who were there for him and helped him with all their Christian love and gratitude. Metropolitan Iustin Moisescu has been and will always remain a great restaurateur, founder, guide and supporter of the clergy, monasticism and believers in the county of Botoșani, during trials and hard times for our ancestral Church.