The Military Cleric Ioan Dăncilă, Almost Forgotten: Contributions to a Well-deserved Bio-bibliographic Reconstruction

10 June 2020

The role of the military priest among the armed units was a benefficial factor of national building because this role/status meaning was not reduced only to the officiating of the religious service, but the parent officer was involved in the social and educational activity of the officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, in the cultural steps, in the inspection of the conditions to them for armament, life, hygiene and food, the medical conditions existing in the field hospitals or in the garrison hospitals. We note that the priest was at the same time an educational, moral, but also cultural factor, both of the band and of the officers in the ranks of which he lived and worked: as was the case with the military confessor, Captain Ioan Dăncilă mobilized in the Imperial Army of Austro-Hungary, and later in the Greater Romania Army.