The Matter of Evil and Temptation in the Kontakion of Romanos the Melodist on the Temptation of Joseph (ΕIΣ ΤOΝ ΠΕΙΡΑΣΜOΝ ΤΟY IΩΣHΦ, 44[VΙ])

The theological theme of the second kontakion dedicated by Saint Romanos the Melodist to the righteous Joseph of the Old Testament may be approached from several perspectives. The contemporary studies dedicated to this kontakion have worked off directly either the philological problem of the sources or the person of Joseph as an “athlete” of patience, or thy have focused on the wife of Potiphar and her actions related to Joseph. Therefore, in this study we are concerned with the manner in which evil and temptation are in a continuous “ambiance” and how Joseph opposes this problem, becoming a typos of the Christian ascetic or chastity.