The image of „spiritual father” in the writings of Elder Paisios the Hagiorite (II)

The study entitled ”The image of the spiritual father in the writings of Elder Paisios the Athonite” presents his teaching about the importance of the repentance and of the spiritual father for salvation. In the first section, there are mentioned some of his sayings about the overall condition of the contemporary world and the sad reality according to which sins have become a „fashion”, while virtues are considered a sign of „backwardness”. Then, it is outlined the teaching of Elder Paisios regarding the importance of the Holy Sacrement of Confession, considered to be the ”second Baptism”, ”The Baptism of tears”; the features of a true confession and its effects; the quality of the „doctor of souls” or „inner doctor” of the confessor, and then, there are described the moral traits of the Elder Paisios, as a ”spiritual father”, the most of them being: spiritual discernment, patience, kindness, gentleness, and, in particular, love.