The homiletic service of the Metropolitan Joseph Naniescu

Joseph Naniescu who occupies a leading position among the great bishops of the Romanian Orthodox Church and of the Romanian nation, a worthy servant of Jesus, a grand founder of holy establishments and churches, a scholar, a promoter of culture and arts, and father to all those in grief and need. Due to his vigilance and efforts, he managed to restore the prestige of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and Suceava, acquired during the times of his admirable predecessor, the metropolitan bishop Veniamin Costachi, whilst the Romanian Church in its entirety found great support in him, a steadfast brick laid at its foundation, being often represented by him before the state authorities of those times, defending the Church’s rights and asserting its role in creating a unification of faith, language and nation, as such was played throughout the centuries. At the same time, he was a skilful speaker, with his soft, pleasant voice, controlled with sagacity and great artistic sense. He had a rich imagination and extensive knowledge of the Holy Scripture and of the Holy Fathers A scholar with widespread concerns, Joseph Naniescu dedicated most of his activity to the preaching mission, standing out as a remarkable figure of the word delivered from the rostrum of the ancestral church.