Holy Ointment – The Mystery of Healing

Life is the gift of God and the dynamism of it could be found in the time and space where man manifests its search for healing either is a spiritual or physical one. The Mystery of Holy Ointment is a work done in the name of the Holy Trinity by priests where man receives the grace of healing, the illnesses of the soul and body at the same time. Furthermore, during this service, the believer gets back the hope in Christ and He’s healing power, but more than this, he receives the gift of forgiveness of the sins and the re-embracing into the bosom of the Church. The healing of the man is a part of the „therapeutical program” initiated by Christ. It is worth considering that the Church was gifted with all the „drugs of grace” in the need to annihilate the „bug of sin”, to erase allthe stains which could destroy the health of man and to intensify and rebuild the relationship with God. The key of healing should be found in the permanent connection with the Lord and in the yearning to change our life, as well as in the ability to understand that we have to live in an unceasingly search of God.