Highlights of Islamic Civilization

This study aims to concisely describe Islam as a world civilization by presenting some of the main cultural landmarks associated to it. It is known that Muslims reject the most important two dogmas of Christianity dogmas of the the Divine Nature of Christ (i.e. the Holy Trinity and the Divine nature of Christ). The Quran denies the Ressurection because by claiming that Jesus has never died. It says instead that Allah raised Him alive to heaven and that He is going to come again on Earth during the end times. This Muslim rejection of Christ’s Crucifiction, Ressurection and Divinity and of the Triune Nature of God places Islam completely against the essential core of the Christian Revelation. The fact that Muslims are Monotheists is not enough in order to be able to say that they worship the same God that Christians worship. During his commercial journeys Muhammad has met Jews, Christians and even monks who told him about the stories from the Old and the New Testament. However, few of the attributes of the God of the Bible are preserved in Islam.