Features of Protestant Theology and sectarian philosophy regarding the Holy Scriptures

23 October 2016

The special importance of the Holy Scriptures topic in the theology of the Church as well as in the life of believers, the birth of Protestantism with its focus on the Bible alone, the emergence and diffusion of the sectarian phenomenon within the Orthodox world, as well as the current ecumenical dialogue, all these are some of the reasons that have prompted an update and an analysis of such a topic, that is so meaningful in order to properly understand the message sent by Jesus Christ. The fragmentation of Protestant theology and the ensuing sectarian philosophy emerged on the background of misinterpreting the genuine meaning of the Holy Scriptures and due to an unwise separation from the Holy Tradition. By denying the acknowledgment of the one and only truth that has been revealed, which survives in the Orthodox theology as well as in the life of the Church, the Protestant theologians and the leaders of current sectarian groups create an allegedly obvious aura of “truth” for their statements and ideas. Nevertheless, the farther away their personal opinions are getting from the writings of the Church Fathers, the more this aura turns into an oasis of dark rays, which hide the light of Truth.