Fathers of Repentance — a Triodal Hymnographic Reflection

In our article entitled Teachers of Repentance – Triodal Hymnographic Reflection, we focused on some models of repentance/penitence as they are described in the Triodion services, especially in the Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete and during the last week of this liturgical period of time. As we pointed out in our text throughout the ten weeks before Pascha, we meet four categories of models/icons of penitence given to the believers participating in the Church's liturgical life as good examples to follow. Those categories are the historical figure, known by name, the fictional character, but who has a name, the anonymous character, and the collective character. For this level of research, we choose to speak about the historical figures mentioning The Prophet David, Saint Mary The Egyptian, and Saint Apostol Peter and we hope to continue in some future articles with the other three categories. In conclusion, we emphasized the idea that one important dimension of the orthodox hymnography is the penitential one.