The Family in the Theological Thought of Bishop Melchisedec Ştefănescu

The theological thinking of one of the most valuable Romanian hierarchs of the Church of the XIX-th century is deeply rooted in the theology of the Fathers and in the canonical Orthodox doctrine. As a true apostle, Melchisedec Ștefanescu was concerned by strengthening our Church's position in relation to the other Orthodox Churches – his role in the recognition of the Autocephaly of the Romanian Church is well known – and the strengthen of the Church from the inside. The pastoral care of family today preserves in its essential elements the Melchisedec Stefanescu’s religious projection for hundred fifty years, from the first academic textbook of Pastoral Theology. This can mean two things: first, that the family problems nowadays are very much similar to those of Bishop Melchisedec’ times; second, that Bishop Melchisedec had the inspiration and ability to build pastoral projects and to prescribe „recipes” for the healing of family, with a long-term validity.