The Faculty of Theology in the mission of the Church

Within the broad Church’s mission, the Faculty of Theology had and must keep its fundamental role, better defined. After the parish and the monastery, in the Church there is nothing more important than the Faculty of Theology. We can say that the parish and monastic life depend to what the future priest of the parish and monastery learns, lives and witnesses in the Faculty of Theology. The academic study twinned with the
Eucharistic prayer, spiritual formation impregnated with practical work give a theological personality to the ministers of the Church in parishes and monasteries, in schools, in social, cultural or otherwise centers. The Faculty of Theology, especially by its professors, analyzes and evaluates the status of church and social life, helping the hierarchy in his work, inspiring the ecclesial body in its way towards the Kingdom of Heaven and fulfilling a beautiful mission in the University. Understanding that theology is not only an act of knowledge, but especially a gift of the Holy Spirit, the Faculty
of Theology fulfills its mission under the auspices of the Church’s Pentecost, from which it receives power, inspiration and courage to confess. The strong faith in God, the knowledge of the Scripture and of the Fathers, the continual prayer, the Eucharisty, the state of sacrifice manifested through identification with every man in love are essential features in the life of a Faculty of Theology.