Eustochia, The Great Abbess of Agapia. Memories after Twenty Years

1 September 2012

Monasticism has famous servants, whose life and work, beyond humility and obedience, remain exemplary in the memory of posterity. About some of them it can be said that are providential people, sent in a specific time to change the history of a monastery, region or even of the whole country. Such was the great abbess of the Agapia Monastery, Stavrophore Eustochia Ciucanu. The History of Agapia Monastery recorded with golden letters the abbey period of Stavrophore Eustochia Ciucanu. Bishops and ministers of the Church from various places, writers, professors, theologians, doctors and people from all walks of life remember of the worthy abbess of Agapia. Some consider her to be the greatest abbess or, anyway, among the most important abbesses of the Monastery founded by the hetman Gavriil. In the thirty-two years of unmatched labour in that dignity of one of the largest women monasteries, Stavrophore Eustochia Ciucanu has braided with great effort, perseverance and dedication the garland of unseared flowers, that will be given to her, in that day, by the Right Judge.