In the study „Endurance through Culture and Faith in Romania’s Concentrating System” the author describes the way how many prisoners suffered martyrdoms in thecommunist prisons of Pitești, Aiud, Gherla etc. A life of high intelectual and spiritual virtues was kept alive due to the work of great figures. These individuals were emprisoned because of their anti-communist beliefs. Thus, many of the communist Romanian prisons became great „amphitheatres” of culture and „laboratories” of Christian holiness. Poetry and prayer were well-known harbours for the prisoners. Some of them, such as: Valeriu Gafencu, known as „The Saint of the prisons”, Fr. Justin Pârvu, Fr. Arsenie Papacioc, Fr. Gheorghe Calciu-Dumitreasa, Grigore Caraza etc. embody great examples of contemporary sainthood.