Elements for a Theology of Christological Time in the New Testament

11 September 2012

The author of the theological research “Elements for a theology
of christological time in the New Testament”, Rev. Assist. Dr. Ioan
Valentin Istrati, presents the meaning of time in the New Testament
and the relationship between time and eternity in the writings of
the Scriptures. In order to articulate the theology of history and
the sense of eternity in the Church, the author analyses the main
themes related to time in the words of Christ: “creation”, the “hour
of Christ”, the paradigm of the time in the Divine-Human Person
of Christ who unites in Himself time of the human nature and eternity
of God. The time united with eternity in Christ is the model of
ecclesial history and the medium of the presence of God among
the people in the Church through the Holy Mysteries. The ecclesial
time is a extension of the Eternal Christ into the believers and into
the history, who becomes a theological screen of the divine love,
shared in human life through the grace of God.