Documents regarding the efforts of the founders of the first Romanian Orthodox church in Vienna

For the Romanian Diaspora, Vienna has represented civilization, prosperity and culture. During the imperial period, the Romanians contributed a lot to raising their prestige in the eyes of the Viennese. After the great events of November 28th 1918 (the union of Bukovina with Romania) and December 1st 1918 (the union of Transylvania with Romania), the Romanians' desire for affirmation and promotion of traditional values was emphasized. The efforts made by the Romanian Diaspora in Vienna for two decades in order to establish a Romanian Orthodox sanctuary in the imperial capital were crowned by victory, highlighting the communion between the Greeks and the Romanians and the good collaboration between the Viennese local authorities and the representatives of the Romanian Diaspora. The documents discovered by me at the County Directorate of the National Archives of Suceava manage to firmly complete the picture of the beginning of a Romanian Orthodox sanctuary in Vienna. Their full rendering represents a real help to historians who can deepen and use the information in other scientific research topics.