Divinity in Aristotle’s Work — A Christian Perspective

11 September 2012

In Aristotel’s conception, the most precious gift of man is the
act of thinking, believed to be the contemplation of the truth. Exercising
ration is a thorough virtue. As long as the soul is the primary
entity, and its essence is thinking, it means that there is a
relationship of the soul with the Divinity.
Man is infinit in virtuality but it is not infinit in himself. He becomes
infinit in his relationship with God: „blessed are the people
who come closer to the Divinity” (Nicomachean Ethics).
In Metaphysics, Aristotel considers that God is the thinking that
thinks Himself, the first unmoved generator, a God included in
the world, not a God spread in the world as the stoics believed. In
Christianism, however, there is the faith in a Creator God, transcendent
in relationship with the world, and also Personal.