He feeling of fear in the face of death is a real and present in all people, to a greater or lesser. The dread of death show that she is not a natural phenomenon but something that happened as a phenomenon contrary to nature, as a weakening of communion with God, the source of life. Death is an inevitable phenomenon and always a topic of interest to people. Death is a reality and a certainty. Death is not risipire into nothingness, a source of fear and horror, but just crossing the threshold or deck to another level. Christianity brings light to this issue through the teachings of the revealed by our Savior Jesus Christ. According to Christian doctrine, death does not mean the extinction, but rather a new beginning, eternal life. The first humans, concupiscence disobedience, brought Sin into the world, and death by sin has caused. The significance of life is death, but the pre]uirea of God given to man since creation. Terror of death has been wasted by victory over the death of the person who is the Lord of life and death, bringing us both hope and the hope of eternal life. This study brings an innovative approach to the problem of death from a Christian point of view, flipped in the writings of imnografice in Orthodox religious books.