Aspects of the Romanian Orthodox Church Activity in the Sermons and Conferences of the Patriarch Teoctist in the Collection “On the Steps of Christian Service”

11 September 2012

The author of the theological research “Aspects of the work
of the Romanian Orthodox Church reflected in the sermons of Patriarch
Teoctist united in the collection “On the steps of Christian
service”, Rev. Drd. Ilie Rusu, presents and analyses the collection
entitled On the steps of Christian service where the sermons, conferences,
etc. of the Patriarch Teoctist were put together. Is a great
collection of wisdom, pastoral work and missionary energy, coming
from a hierarch who many decades served the Church with faithfulness
and sacrifice. The collection has18 volumes of sermons
where the theological, cultural, missionary, pastoral, philanthropic
work of the Church is encouraged and promoted for the glory of
our God.