Ascetical- Mystics Christian Contributions: Saint John Cassian (II)

Today, in an increasingly troubled world, the contemporary man can find in the words and counsels of the Fathers remedies to many ontological worries and to its existential anxieties. Their efficiency is even greater since they are not the exclusive product of the human mind, of the power’s penetration or introspection of a therapist, however well he is trained, nor of the techniques for abyssal sounding of the unconscious, but they have the role of healing and redemptive works. Saint John Cassian, a profound theologian and a perfect teacher of the Christian ascetic life, combines the positive wisdom of Rome with Greek intellectualism, focused on practical life, giving to us words „filled with power”, able to reveal us the true meanings of life and the ontological reasons of the world, „anchoring us” in God and the rich spiritual world.