The Adventistist-Yehowist Millenarism and the False Messianic Modern Hopes. Exegesis of „Controversial” Texts

1 September 2012

The modern milenarismconceptsexpressed in the Adventist-Yehowistmovement, rooted in the Jewish eschatology of the first Christian centuries, according to which the world would last only seven millennia, the latter millennium representing the Messianic kingdom – an era of peace and happiness on earth. However, we must not confuse the chiliastic (millennial) heresy, which also affected some Fathers of the Church in the first centuries, with the Adventist-Yehowistmilenarismtoday, that had more Kabbalist ideas than Christian. This studypresents synthetically the Adventist and Yehowistconceptionof the thousand years kingdom for the "elected" with Christ on earth, but try to answer these heretical challenges by an apologetically recourse, with philological and contextual explanations of the revealed Scripture, which leaves room only for a just interpretation of the Church.