The 59th Homily of St. Gregory Palamas — a Model for Post-Baptismal Catechesis

Baptism is an important moment in a Christian's life. As such, it cannot be treated with indifference or superficiality. In the 59th Homily, St. Gregory Palamas shows that there is a need for an awareness of everything that happens in the mystery of Baptism. The mystery of Baptism is not an individual act, unrelated to the community of the Church. It is not a simple ritual of acts that cannot be understood. Liturgical acts, which may seem inadequate to many in the realities of the 21st century, are in fact very actual, providing answers to contemporary man. In a special catechetical context, with many challenges, namely that of the 21st century, in which we are witnessing a diversification of the religious preferences of contemporary man, the return to the thinking of the Fathers is an act of recovery of utmost importance.